December 11, 2009

Why I choose Metallurgy and materials

For me, the engineer is one who is always looking and trying to make something that people's lives easier and better. And the material is an important element in supporting people's lives for the better. History divides even the level of human progress based on their life-support materials (stone age, bronze age, iron age). A better life can be achieved by producing and engineer the appropriate materials and appropriate to support our lives in many ways. So "Without the material there is no engineering." Therefore, among the various existing engineering I chose metallurgy and materials engineering.

Technological developments that make our lives more comfortable going forward and in line with the development of materials. For example now, electronic equipment is so sophisticated and relies on a so-called component semiconductor materials. In other words "the development of materials to determine the development of technology". Without material no progress. "The best man is the most useful to other human beings". And metallurgy and materials engineering provides the opportunity for me than the others.

Another thing that encouraged me to major in metallurgy and materials engineering is the magic behind the material itself. I am stimulated to learn the material more deeply. Every time I learned about the material the more I realize how BIG and SUPREME POWER Creator behind it all. This gives a positive influence on my mental condition. I could be more grateful in this life.

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  1. wow feels good to be part of Metallurgy!