December 14, 2009

About Me

My Real Name is Widia Kurnia Adi, I was born in Sragen in 1990. My pen name widi kurn, but I use Dr.Logam name in this blog , hoping to become an expert in the field of metallurgy and materials. Alhamdulilah I'm now given the opportunity to study at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia.

Really I was surprised to find out what widia means, which in the minds of most people is the name of a girl, but it was not. The following are some of the meaning of the name widia:
  • Widia (of Wi'e Dia'mant) is a registered label name of the company Krupp for tungsten carbide, a sinter material.  
My surprise is the mean widia as metal, which materials that have high hardness properties, so use as a  precision-engineered metalcutting  .I hope I can become as hard as "widia", an unbeatable material by wear and unbeatable by other metals. With a violent effort and determination that I have hopefully become a useful expert. Amien

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