December 14, 2009

The Scope of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

On the previous post we discussed what it was metallurgy and materials engineering. Now we will discuss the scope of metallurgy and materials engineering.

The scope of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering:

As shown in the diagram, on the Microstructure, one must understand the different metallurgical properties owned material, starting from atoms, molecules, electrons, crystals.

In the processing, metallurgy must understand how to process the ore or raw material into something that the desired material.

In the fabrication, metallurgist is expected to process more material that there became something components, tools and various other applications, in this section, the expertise of the materials are in need, because if the wrong material or wrong to make will lead to accidents or damage while in wear, even when the fabrication.

The last one, in part to protect the agent of destruction, it is normal if the material has aged wear, especially if the use was in conditions that are less supportive, one of which is corrosion, it will further shorten the life of a material age. Here matelurgi role to engineer the material to increase expiry date and not easily degraded.

Remember, this is only prolong the life of wear, can not be forever preserved. Expertise required for that material merecycle expiry date is over or has been degraded.

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