January 6, 2010

All About Size

بِسمٍ الله الرَحْمنِ اللرَحِيْم

usually we learn only the material around us, and the day after day we make a material that is smaller and smaller "nano materials", which has an significant effect on the application.

But have you ever thinking about our size? how big the size of the material we learned when we compared to us? or even our size when compared to universe ! you should see this video.This is the ultimate size comparison video that you can find on the internet in HD. Starts with the tinyest dwarf planets of our solar system, then continues.

or another video

after watching this video i remember my reason for choosing metallurgy and materials engineering that when i learn about material (anything around us) we know that there is something behind this creature, absolutely the power of GOD (Allah)and it make me more closer to Him. insya Allah.

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