May 23, 2010

Iron Steel Making (lecture note)

بِسمٍ الله الرَحْمنِ اللرَحِيْم
 Hi guys, this time I only post a link that might you downloaded. I wanted to show them directly on this page, but because there are errors in the media file hosting so as not to be read here. I use a other media file hosting , be patientwhile  downloading it :p.

Lecture note Download
Inroduction link
Bijih besi dan aglomerisasi link
Termodinamik&kinetik Reduksi  link
Blast furnace (tanur tinggi ) link
Reduksi langsung link
Bahan Pembuatan Baja link
Electric Arc Furnace & BOF link
Desulphurisasi & Dephosphorisasi link
Degassing link
Deoksidadi link
Secunder metallurgy link
Hot &  Cold Rolling link

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